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Tips for a Freelancing Writer ( 2024 )

Want to Become A Great Writer: Top Tips

Freelance writing in 2024 is a work from which the writers are making almost 100k$ Yearly. If you want to become a great Freelance Writer or if you are a writer and you want to improve your work I guarantee you these tips are very helpful for you. I am providing you tips for freelancing writer if you want to start writing in 2024.

For Your Inner Satisfaction: These tips are handcrafted by professionals in freelance writing.

Freelance writing is the way to do it. But don’t worry; We are here to guide you through the process in easy-to-understand terms. In 2023, freelance writing offers more opportunities than ever, and this is not stopping here, in 2024 it will grow more. These tips will help you to improve your writing but although everyone knows that due to AI freelance writing is almost dead. Let’s start if you want to start writing in 2024. I think the best way to earn through your writing is to start running a blog website.

Tips for Freelancing Writer

1. Your Freelance Writing Portfolio Website 

Think of your website as your online office. This is where potential clients will come to learn more about you and see your work. You are giving satisfaction to people about your work. It will increase your work a great. Making a portfolio website is not a big issue even if it’s not a minor issue.  It’s easier than you think. There are lots of tutorials available on YouTube. You can watch one of them and you will be able to make your portfolio website. Here’s what you need on your website:

  • About You: Write a Short Paragraph About Yourself in This Way:

When writing about yourself for your portfolio, remember to keep it simple and friendly. Tell people who you are, what you like to write about, and why you’re passionate about it. Apart from the writing, share a bit about your interests to make it personal. Clients like to know the person behind the words. And most importantly, be yourself – let your unique personality shine!

  • Why Pick You: Explain Why You’re a Great Writer:

Why choose me as your writer? Well, I believe in the power of words to inform, inspire and connect. I’m not just here to write; I’m here to create compelling stories, engage your audience, and bring your ideas to life. With a passion for research and a commitment to excellence, I pride myself on providing well-researched, error-free, and impactful content. My goal is to make your message resonate and leave a lasting impression. When you choose me, you are choosing a writer who is dedicated to helping you succeed.

  • Show Your Work: Put Your Best Writing Pieces Here:

Welcome to a showcase of my work, where I bring words to life. Below, you’ll find a selection of my best-written pieces, each a testament to my dedication to quality, creativity, and craft. From thought-provoking blog posts to compelling essays, these samples reflect my versatility and passion for storytelling. Take a moment to explore, and I’m sure you’ll see why choosing me as your writer is an investment in exceptional content.

  • Contact Info: Make it Easy for Clients to reach You This Way:

If you ever want to get in touch, just send me an email at [Your Email Address]. I’ll be sure to respond promptly. Just like that it is an example. You have to be very polite with your clients.

Your website is where you show off your writing skills.

 2. Writing Awesome Samples

Your writing samples are like your superpower. They show people how good you are at writing. Here’s how to make great ones:

  • Have at least 3-5 Samples on your Website
  • Spend Time Making them Good.
  • Write Different Kinds of Stuff.
  • Write About Topics You Like.
  • Keep Updating Them to Show Your Progress.

Your samples help you get writing jobs.

3. Getting Jobs 

Now, the important part—finding work. As a freelancer, you need to tell people you’re here to write for them. Try these things:

  • Write Emails: Send nice emails to people who might need a writer.
  • Use LinkedIn: Make your LinkedIn page look good and connect with people.
  • Meet Others: Make friends with other writers and possible clients.
  • Twitter: Use Twitter to find jobs and make writer friends.
  • Job Boards: Look at websites with job listings.

Remember, you’re not just a writer; you’re also a business owner.

4. What About Robots and AI? 

You might wonder if robots will take writing jobs. They won’t! Robots can help, but they can’t be as creative as humans. You can use AI tools to make your writing better, so they’re like your helpful sidekicks. Use ChatGpt or other AI content creators. How to use AI? here is the answer: Give a command to AI about a specific topic. See what it writes. Then analyze its content and change its words to yours and the content is yours. SIMPLE!

5. Conclusion: Your Exciting Journey 

Starting your freelance writing adventure in 2024 is possible, even if you’re still in school or college. You don’t need to be a genius. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Make a Basic Website:

I mentioned above how you can make your portfolio website.

  • Create Great Writing Samples:

To create the best writing samples, first choose topics you like. Then, make sure your writing is easy to understand. Check for errors and fix them. Write different things to show that you can do many styles.

 Put your samples on your website or on sites like Contently. It helps you to get freelance jobs.

Tell People You Can Write:

Use social media like Twitter and LinkedIn to let people know you can write. Connect with companies you want to write for. Send a friendly message to say hello and introduce yourself. This helps them know that you are available for writing work.

  • Use AI Tools to Improve Your Freelance Writing:

You can improve your Freelance writing with AI tools. These tools help you write and edit your work. They catch mistakes and suggest improvements. It’s like a helpful writing assistant.

But again at the end it’s better to start a blog rather than choose freelancing.

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