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Best Online Jobs in Pakistan-Earn From 50k to 2 Lakhs

Earn Up to 1 Lakh Per Month In Pakistan

Making online money from my mentioned works will require dedication and a little hard work. In simple words” No Pain No Gain”. I will tell you genuine ways to earn money from Fiverr Upwork or other trusted online platforms. Making money from these platforms requires a skill and I will tell you how you can become a skilled person. 

In today’s world, there are many useful ways to earn money online in Pakistan itself. Whether you’re a student like me, trying to cover those university fees, or you’re looking for a way to make some money from home, there are lots of online jobs you can check out. I’ve been doing some analysis, and I’m excited to share with you some of the best options that can help you earn anywhere from 50,000 to 2 lakhs or even more. These opportunities are not just about making money. They are also about taking responsibility for your financial future. So, if you’re as excited as I am to explore these online methods to earn, let’s dive in.

I’ll not share 100 or 200 jobs, I’ll share just most best opportunities to earn money. I am a student and making money online. I’ll also share my way of making money online.

Let’s Cover Our Topic: Online Jobs in Pakistan

1. Content Writing

A Person Writing Content on Laptop


well, why I am suggesting you content writing on the top? because if you are a person who loves to write, and who loves to analyze, then this job is for you. you can earn 200k $ yearly from this job. This job includes article writing blog posts, or writing on marketing, education, or entertainment.

Content writing is not so much difficult, especially these days. As you know AI tools like ChatGPT have done this job easily. But smartly using ChatGPT is a must. Because the content from ChatGPT can be deployed as Copyright, use it smartly. the smart way is to just analyze the content from AI tools and then write the content in your wording and structure. Just make a beautiful gig as a freelancer and start your work. I am not saying that it’s too easy that you will make a gig you will start getting orders. And Boom! Your earning is started! No!!, Read some tricks for it. Watch Tutorials available on YouTube. You will have to wait for your good time.

Simple man! Do research about it for your inner satisfaction. Read these helpful articles that I mentioned about content writing and freelancing. They will help you to start your content writing job.

2. Content Creation: A Best Online Job in Pakistan

I saw a man who lives in a forest-type area. From where I saw him? It’s YouTube. There he had to go to the city (for any resource he needed) which was a bit far from his home as his home was in the forest. So he made a vlog having the title ” Aj City Gye Rashun Lene” And many more like that, which means He started making vlogs with his family. ohh yr, it’s pretty easy you have to speak like “Burd Burd” in your vlog means you have to engage your audience with you. let’s come to the topic, he made vlogs with his children teaching them good habits that eat with your right hand, not with your left hand, And he captured this in his camera and uploaded it on YouTube as a short.

I swear he got millions of views and then I saw he had uploaded many videos like that in which he had millions of views. So Our first Platform for content creation is YouTube.

Read this 👆

If you don’t want to be a YouTuber. As you wish! then read more ways to earn in Pakistan. But read the above 👆 paragraph before taking this decision.



I don’t need to give information about YouTube because everyone knows about it. Let’s get straight to the point:

How a Student can start vlogs: If you are a boy or girl just start making your vlogs about your university, There are lots of topics to cover during your uni life to upload on YouTube. Just like “Aj finally papers khtm howay” or there are many events in the uni which you can capture in your camera and then upload to YouTube. It’s all on you. You have to be creative man! For earnings in these competitive times.

Capture the scenery of nature in the villages. Make vlogs about the village’s traditions and culture. Show people of cities how a villager lives. Show them how the wheat they eat comes from them. How a villager does hard work and then supplies it to cities. Show those who drink fresh milk how it’s coming. This means showing your village life to citizens. The creativity is up to you. The more you creative the more you will get viral.

If you live in a city, especially a famous city. Start making vlogs on its famous places. Just you have to be a talkative person. engage your audience with you. I can’t tell you anything you have to explore about it. If you are interested.

2. Blogging

Blogging-Online Jobs In Pakistan

If none of the above suits you then come to blogging. Blogging is just like your own magazine where you can write about a topic, you can share your ideas and thoughts with people around the globe. It involves creating articles and then uploading them to your blogging website Like I am Doing. 

I told you that I’ll share my way of earning also. It’s blogging from which I earn almost 3 to 4 lakhs per month easily. These earnings are increasing as my articles are ranking on Google. But not from this site. Because this site is new. 

How To Start Blogging?

I’ll tell you in simple terms but effective, if you are interested in blogging you have to do more research about it watch tutorials on YouTube, or read more articles on blogging. 

1. Choose Topic

Choose topics in which you are interested. As you can write on fitness or sports, I wanna say there are lots of topics to cover. Select topics on which you want to work, then do research about them, And start writing.

2. Buying a Domain And Hosting

Buying a domain means the name of your website, your website’s name should be by your content. Like if a person is writing on freelancing his website’s name should be a freelancing guru etc. While a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files. Every single website you are visiting on Google is hosted by a server.

3. Creating Blog

Now choose where you want to work, you have to sign up for WordPress, Blogger, or Medium. But if you wanna have more control you can choose a coding website but I think WordPress is best as I know beginners can’t make a coding website from HTML, CSS, or JS.

4. Writing Content and Adding Media

You have to watch tutorials on YouTube to build a WordPress website. Watch tutorials like how to write content on WordPress and how to add images to my article etc. Incorporate videos or images in your article to make it more engaging. You can also use ChatGPT for your content, But just analyze what is written in ChatGPT and also do research about your topic on Google and then mix the content and make it unique by own writing voice.

5. Publishing Article

Consistency is the key! For better results publish 3 to 4 or more articles every week. Better results mean your website will be ready for approval in just 2 to 3 Months if you upload 3 to 4 articles per week. And then your earnings will be started.

6. Views on Articles

Don’t be very fast like every Pakistani You Want to have results in just 1 to 2 days or just a week. You Must have to wait for your good time. You will not have views on your articles at the beginning. Use Social media platforms for views share your articles on Facebook, WhatsApp groups, etc to have more views.

7. Adsense Approval

After publishing 40 to 50 articles on your site, Apply it for approval now. The content must be unique if you want to approve your website and if you want to earn from it. Write all the articles in your writing voice. I am saying it again that you can watch tutorials about every problem you are facing.

3. Virtual Assistance: A Self-Employed Worker

Virtual Assistance A Best Online Job In Pakistan

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker because in virtual assistance you work from home and you do administrative tasks for a company. In easy words, you are helping the company and you are the client’s online friend.

Complete Read Map

Step 1: Are You Familiar With Computers?

The very 1st thing is know about yourself: Are you good with computers?

Step 2: Getting a Free Course

2nd Get a free or paid freelance course.

Step 3: Ready Yourself

Create a comfortable place for your work. And also you will need a fast internet connection.

Step 4: Your Portfolio Website

Tell people about yourself on a website. You can also use LinkedIn to connect people to you.

Step 5: Finding Clients

Start informing people about your services. You can join online groups where people look for virtual assistants, or you can use websites like Upwork or Fiverr to search for jobs.

Keep Learning

Always learn new things. We all Pakistanis are too late to learn a new available skill in the online market means everything reaches us late just like I phone. Connect yourself with English people according to your field of work.  AI websites are on the top these days but I think there is no Pakistani AI website. So hence proved we are late in every work.

Becoming a virtual assistant can be a great way to earn money by helping others with the tasks they need to do online. 

There are lots of jobs to do on Fiverr and Upwork like Graphic designing or Freelance Programming But these were the best that I told above.

If you did not like any job from above Here is the list of top 25 skills that are in demand👈  you can learn one of them and you can start earning from them. This was All about Online Jobs in Pakistan. Hope you will get success.

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