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How To Manage Stress And Anxiety

Best Ways To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

How To Manage Stress And Anxiety These days? There are many techniques that you can follow and you can reduce your stress level. What is stress? The answer is any difficult thing that we can’t handle. Our body responds that we feel our heart beat faster and we get worried. Our GOD has made our bodies this way because it helps us stay safe. It is like a built-in alarm system for challenges and problems.

When something difficult happens to us like danger, our body gets ready to act. Then our body will release chemicals to handle the situation, you know this chemical causes our heartbeat fast. We go to a doctor, and we say I have a heart issue, The doctor does tests like echography, and then our report is normal. We say I can’t eat properly why? I think I have a stomach issue, when the doctor does tests, the result is normal. So why I can’t feel proper hunger? Even my stomach tests are normal, You know why because we are under the fucking stress!!

There are two kinds of stress:

Quick Stress

This happens when something difficult comes up suddenly, like an exam or an argument. It goes away after the problem is solved. It is also known as chronic stress.

Long-Term Stress

This stress is due to family issues or money worries But now it is also in youth, boys who have to work on laptops for a long time for their families are also suffering from this problem now. Its also known as acute stress.

The Difference Between TensionAnd Anxiety


Imagine you are in a classroom, and your teacher is very strict and he is taking a test. He said if any student has numbers below 40, he will be punished. So in that condition, until you give this test and until you see your result of more than 40, your heart will race means your heartbeat will be faster. Once you finish this task, the stress usually goes away. You will be normal after that.


But Anxiety is like a more intense and ongoing version of stress. This is when you feel anxiety or fear even though there is no immediate danger. For example, if you start feeling nervous before school, even though nothing bad has happened, this is anxiety. Anxiety can make you restless, make your heart race, and make it hard to concentrate. It can cause you problems even when things seem fine.

In simple words, stress is a response to the pressure of tasks or challenges, and it usually goes away when the tasks are completed. Anxiety is a more constant feeling of worry or fear, even when things are going well.

Best Ways To Manage Stress And Anxiety

Here are the ways to manage stress and anxiety:

  • Practice Deep Breathing

Take slow, deep breaths when you feel anxious. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. It helps to keep you calm.

  • Physical Activity

Engage yourself in physical activity. Doing things like walking, jumping or dancing releases chemicals in your body that make you feel good. These chemicals can help relieve stress and make you feel less anxious.

  • Get Good Sleep

A good night’s sleep gives your brain a chance to relax and deal with stress. You should have to make your daily routine of sleeping.

  • Talk to Someone

When you feel anxious, tell your problems to your partner. If you are single like me then talk with your close cousin or friend. Tell them your problems. It will help to relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Think Positively

Well, thinking positively is very important for persons who are not normal about stress and anxiety. Instead of focusing on bad things in your life, focus on good things. Don’t think you don’t have money or I am ugly etc. It will just enhance your lifestyle. I guarantee you it will not have a single advantage for you. You wanna make money? then do online work or anything. Just engage yourself in work. Instead of thinking bad, do hard work and achieve your goals, man!!

  • Relax and Enjoy

Listen to music that you like, take a bath, or play games like COD or PUBG if you like, all are ways to relax and enjoy. It will slow down your brain activities and will help you to feel peaceful.

Ways To Manage Stress

  • Eat Healthy

Eating good foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps your body deal with stress. These foods give you energy and help you feel better overall. And also don’t miss any meals.

  • Plan Your Day

Don’t overthink about every difficult work. Just split it into small parts, making a plan about it will help you a lot. Write on a paper what things are important and which ones are not.

  • Take Short Breaks

Remember to take short breaks if you are busy. Doing something you enjoy, even just for a few minutes, helps your mind relax.

  • Stay in the Present

My brother/sister, remain in the present do not overthink about the future, and don’t feel regret what happened in the past. Pay attention to what’s happening right now. Notice the colors around you, the sounds you hear, and how you feel. It can take your mind off worries and make you feel calm.

  • Be Kind to Yourself

When things get tough, don’t be too hard on yourself. Treat yourself kindly like you would treat your loved one when she/he is under stress. Taking a break, and engaging yourself in physical activities, will give your mind some relaxation.

  • Watch What You Drink

Many caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda can make you more anxious. It’s best to drink water, herbal tea, or other low-caffeine beverages.

  • Find Laughter-Make Your Self Happy

Try to make yourself happy. The company of someone whom you love or like or any friend’s company if makes you happy you laugh, Just join it when you feel anxious.

  • Do What You Love

Spend time on things you love. When you do things you love, your brain releases feel-good chemicals that help you fight stress.

My Own Experience To Manage Stress And Anxiety

I wanna share my own experience with all of you. It was a very bad time for me when my stress led to anxiety. It changed my whole lifestyle. You know why because simple things caused my heartbeat faster. I was unable to eat for the whole day, and couldn’t feel hungry just due to anxiety which led to a BP low issue with a heartbeat faster. You Know! I swear I thought I was a big patient! I did tests like echography and many others but all the reports were normal. But after some time of these bad days my MBBS doctor who is my uncle gave me some pieces of advice, I swear I followed these bits of advice and now I am 100 percent normal. These bits of advice are given below:

1. Your sleeping habit

He asked me what my sleeping habits tell me about it in detail. I told him everything about my Pentium 2( Old PC ) journey to Core I 7 and how I spent my time on games which disrupted my sleeping habits everything I told him. Then he told me you have no issue but anxiety. This means anxiety was my main issue. So he addressed my issue. From there I made my sleeping habits good. With the passage of just 1 week, I noticed a lot of difference in myself. You must have to follow the 8,8 and 8 Rule which is 8 hours of work, 8 hours enjoy, and 8  hours of good sleep.

2. Balanced Diet

What are your meal timings? Make a routine for meals. Eat at least three meals throughout the day. Don’t eat things you feel fear about them, means if they cause any stomach issue, just your fear is enough to make you issues. It’s very important! don’t eat anything that can cause you any issues like junk foods or spicy foods. Increase the use of fruits. Start the use of dry fruits. Include milk in your diet.  

3. Running

This is the best way to Manage Stress And Anxiety. Just running can make you normal. It’s my experience, that if you are feeling anxious just go running. And you will be normal. Physical activity matters a lot. Try 70 minutes of running, cycling, or swimming every week.

If you are looking for weight loss, here is information on How to lose weight in just 1 month👈

You must have to include strength training exercises also.

So these were the 3 key points (Your sleeping habits, 2 . Your meals, 3. Running) To manage stress and anxiety. I experienced, that these 3 points are very effective mainly for anxiety. You know! if stress is just stress then there is no issue because stress is natural but if it becomes anxiety, now it is like a brick to a stone.


To sum it up, stress is like a natural reaction when we face challenges. It’s our body’s way of getting ready to deal with problems. But if stress sticks around and makes us feel worried all the time without any serious issues, means stress has become anxiety.

And now you have to manage stress and anxiety. It’s like stress turning into a bigger, ongoing problem as I mentioned it is like the conversion of a brick into a stone. Managing stress can be as simple as taking deep breaths or doing things we enjoy. But when anxiety shows up, it might need some extra help, like talking to someone we trust, doing physical activities, or making your sleep habits good. Knowing the difference ( between stress and anxiety) helps us to become normal. Most people don’t know that they are suffering from anxiety. How you will know if you have anxiety or not? Here are the top most common symptoms:

  1. Your heart will race with small problems in your life.
  2. Instead of feeling hungry, you will feel pain in your stomach.
  3. You will feel something like discomfort on your left side.

 Be careful! It won’t be a heart problem, it’s just anxiety. You will feel something rising from your belly to your heart. This pain or discomfort will go away if you take deep breaths. In this way, it is identified without any tests that it is not a heart problem. But you can do tests for your satisfaction.

Following are the key questions ( Arising in your mind) on How To Manage Stress And Anxiety:

Key Questions 

Now, let’s consider the key questions that might be on your mind.

  • How can I differentiate between normal stress and anxiety?

Stress is when you feel worried about a challenge, and it goes away after the problem is solved. Anxiety is when you feel scared or worried even when things are okay.

  • What are some specific techniques to practice deep breathing effectively?

Taking slow, deep breaths can help calm your mind and body when you’re feeling anxious.

  • How much physical activity is needed to help reduce stress and anxiety?

It is almost 150 minutes. It is divided into two parts, 75 minutes of cardiovascular and 75 minutes of strength training. Cardio exercises help you to reduce anxiety.

  • Can changing my sleep habits make a difference in managing anxiety?

I mentioned that just getting good sleep helped me a lot during my anxiety problem.

  • What if I don’t have someone to talk to about my anxious feelings?

If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you might consider talking to a counselor or therapist who can help you manage your feelings.

  • How do I shift my mindset from negative thoughts to positive ones?

Focus on good things instead of bad things. It’s like changing your thoughts to feel happier.

  • Are there certain types of music that are best for relaxation and stress reduction?

Listening to calming music can help lower stress levels. Choose music that relaxes you, such as soft melodies or soothing instrumental tunes.

  • Can my diet truly impact my stress levels, and what foods should I focus on?

Yes, Eating fruits, veggies, and whole grains helps your body handle stress. Drinking water or herbal tea is better than too much coffee or soda.

  • How can I effectively plan my day to prevent feeling overwhelmed?

Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps. Create a list, mention your main tasks, and do them one by one to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

  • How do I find activities I truly love to engage in and help fight stress?

Pursuing hobbies and activities you enjoy boosts your mood by releasing stress-fighting chemicals. Doing things you love. Just note that where you feel enjoy, do it when you feel anxious.

  • Can following the advice of others help with managing anxiety, as in your own experience?

Personal experiences, such as my anxiety journey, can offer valuable insights and practical solutions for overcoming stress and anxiety.  So if someone is sharing their expertise with you, you can also follow their advice but everyone has their body system. Someone else’s advice may not suit your body better than mine or Maybe it suits you. You have to note which one is better for your body system

. I shared my experience, Believe me, I had anxiety but now I am almost normal. It will take time to get used to it, but it’s worth it. Don’t compromise about your sleeping habits.

This was all about How To Manage Stress And Anxiety. So these were my experienced tips.

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